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Stone brand RUJAN has developed out of the family enterprise with the tradition of more
than 30 years in exploitation and treatment of natural stone. Our vision is to become a
leading regional company in production and treatment of natural stone, above all by
strengthening our position on foreign markets, mostly based on long-term tradition,
knowledge, competitiveness, innovation and reliability.




The production process consists of three parts. The primary cutting is a process where stone slabs are cut into raw material for line treatment. Cut stones are transferred to a line for stone finishing where final shapes and dimensions of products are obtained. After the line finish, one part of the stone is taken for craft production in order to produce stairs, window sills, etc. The production capacity is 80.000 m² of finished
products per year.

RUJAN is a type of stone that has been exploited for almost three decades in the quarry named ‘Osoje’. Throughout that long time period, RUJAN has found its place on many objects worldwide due to its warm and fine color, and excellent features that distinguish it from other types of marble. The quarry capacity is 3.500 m³ of blocks.


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